“Dê a mão para o futuro” Project

The disposal of post-consumer packaging is a worrying global issue, especially in large cities. In 2008, the cleaning products sector adhered to the “Dê a mão para o futuro” project of Recycling, Labor and Income. It was a partnership between Abipla – Brazilian Association of Cleaners and Related Products Industries, which YPÊ is an associate, Abihpec – Brazilian Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics Personal Hygiene Industry and Abima – Brazilian Association of Pasta Industries and Industrialized Breads and Buns.   Besides to encouraging people to raise awareness, the “Dê a mão para o futuro” project promotes a social inclusion process of cooperative workers. In this way, the solution to this issue involves shared responsibility and the articulated mobilization of all those involved in the process:   The public power: Is responsible for the selective collection implementation or improvement. The productive sector associations (Abipla, Abihpec, Abima) take care of the operational and managing qualification of the associations or collectors cooperatives.   Industries: Promote a continuous and growing process to use the recycled material.   The consumer: Separates the recyclable waste in his residence for the correct destination.   The project has already get positive results in the states where it was implemented. Until now, it has collected more than 255 tons in Rio de Janeiro and almost 19 tons in Paraná, the states where the program has already been implemented. There was more than 261% increase in recyclable volume, in addition, a 152% increase in income for the cooperative.   Learn more about the “Dê a mão para o futuro” project on the site: www.maoparaofuturo.org.br