Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Ypê carries in its mission the commitment to contribute to the health, well-being, and quality of life of families, with high-performance, practical, sustainable and accessible cleaning products. Since one of its main values is the responsibility in building a better world; performing acts that contribute to the future of people and the planet. Thus, we are challenged on a daily basis to minimize our activities’ impacts on the environment, directing our efforts to secure an Environmental Management System based on the following principles:

Legal Conformity
To comply with legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and overcome them when possible, controlling and monitoring their processes.

Rational use of natural resources
To strive for the austere use of natural resource through a delicate management regarding energy, fuel, water and input consumption, associated to the choice of clean technologies and renewable inputs.

Sustainable lifecycle of a product

  • To consider the minimization of environmental impacts, biodegradability, reduction in the use of natural resources on our products’ inception and in the acquisition of new equipment.
  • To manufacture packaging with less virgin raw material, utilizing recycled and recyclable material in its composition.
  • To opt for technologies that minimize waste generation and to adopt processes that enable its reuse.
  • To prioritize disposal alternatives that add value to generated waste, thus prolonging the lifetime of the materials.

Development of People To educate and to awaken, in Ypê’s employees and in the community, environmental conscience by means of internal programs and social actions that provide the development of sustainable habits.