Bak Ypê Disinfectants

Ypê has a complete home care products line. Among them, there is the BAK Ypê Disinfectants line. In addition to the cleaning and disinfecting action, it brings much more scent! The fragrances are more intense and enjoyable to take care of your home and family!
BAK Ypê disinfectants have germicidal and bactericidal action, and there are available in three different fragrances: Lavender, Floral and the new fragrance Eucalyptus, with the power of Citronella! The new fragrance brings the benefits of citronella that’s already known in aromatherapy: bactericide, repellency and calming effect.

Bak Ypê Disinfectants can be used in all environments of the house, such as living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor areas, etc.

With the Bak Ypê you have much more fragrance and care for your home!