Cross Hatch Cloth

Cross Hatch Cloth is recommended to clean and dry hygienically any surface; its little holes retain most of the dirt, which is easily removed upon washing the cloth, besides allowing for the immediate reuse of the product.

- Dries more rapidly;
- Less likely to acquire spots;
- Does not retain unpleasant odors;
- Antibacterial action, not allowing for bacteria to proliferate in the cloth.

Target audience: Restaurants, Hospitals, Offices, etc.

Cross Hatch Cloth - Roll

    • Bobina 70g
    • Bobina 30g
    • Bobina 60g
    • Bobina 40g
    • Bobina 40g
    • Bobina 40g

Cross Hatch Cloth - Box

    • Box 40g
    • Box 40g