Ypê Bleach

A staple in every home, bleach is a product that is always present in housewives’ cleaning baskets. Ypê manufactures this product with important differentiators on the packagings, besides, of course, raw materials that, for being meticulously selected, guarantee the efficacy and quality of the product.

Its good-looking, modern packages are easy to handle and possess a dosing tip, which leads to savings in use. The covers, in addition to a security seal, have vivid and striking colors that show even more the product on the shelves. In addition, Ypê Bleach provides greater safety in transportation, preventing leaks and inconvenience to housewives.

The labels, in water-resistant materials, present trending features, bright and vibrant colors and clear information that communicates exactly what the product is and what it can be used for.

Ypê Bleach is the first on the market to offer salespeople and consumers the benefit of a 1-year expiry date. This benefit is derived from the constant improvement of processes and technology that warrants quality in all Ypê products.