SEPI – Spiritualist Service of Child Protection

It’s worth taking care of education and citizenship

One of the institutions backed by Ypê, since its founding, is SEPI – Serviço Espírita de Proteção à Infância (Spiritualist Service of Child Protection), a care nonprofit that, for 40 years, have been assisting children and adolescents from 11 months old to 14 years and 11 months old, from the municipalities of Amparo (SP) and Monte Alegre do Sul (SP). SEPI’s mission is to “Educate children and adolescents in the practice of citizenship, providing them with conditions for their full development, considering their physical, intellectual, emotional and moral capacities”.

Love, dedication and commitment are present in SEPI daily, making a difference in the lives of so many children, adolescents and families, striving to offer “A new world, every day”.

Amongst the numerous projects offered by the institution, we cite Bombeiro Mirim; Cidadão do Amanhã; Pensando no Futuro; Projetos Temáticos; Legoteca; Construindo Valores, among many others. Each project developed throughout the year is meticulously planned, always based on the areas of Pedagogy, Specialties, Social or Health and/or Nutrition. The educational proposals strive to promote moral and intellectual autonomy in all students.

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