Solid waste management

Since our foundation we have been producing eco-friendly products and packaging. We have always considered the minimization of environmental impacts, biodegradability, reduction of the use of natural resources in the design of our products and the acquisition of new equipments.

In all our productive units we have waste centers that allow an efficient separation and environmentally adequate conditions for the handling of our waste.

We produce packages with less virgin raw material, using recycled material in its composition and subject to recycling. And, for this, we have a packaging technology management dedicated to these projects. For example, until May 2015, the Ypê detergent packaging modification (made in 2012) resulted in a reduction in raw material consumption that was equivalent to produce 202 million bottles of detergent.

With all of our reduction actions, from October 2009 to May 2015, we reduced 9,700 tons of raw materials, plastics, paper and cardboard to our packaging production. (The paper and paperboard reduction, about 5,923 tons, is equivalent to 65,158 trees saved).

In addition, we chose technologies that minimize waste generation and adopt processes that allow their reuse, prioritizing alternatives of destination that add value to the waste generated, extending the materials life cycle. It is important to note that 83% of the waste we generate in our production processes is destined for recycling, external treatment or thermal recovery. Last year, we had a reduction of 9.5% in the waste generation per ton produced (comparing to 2013) and reduced by 10.5% the volume of waste destined for landfills.

All YPÊ Products packaging is recyclable.

YPÊ manufactures itself the product bottles and always considers and gives preference to materials that can be recyclable after the consumption.

In the manufacture of its polyethylene PET bottles (production of Amparo/SP plant), Ypê uses 50% of recycled material.

This initiative encourages the recycling actions in Brazil and it is aligned with our Environment Policy, which is the sustainable cycle of our products.

After the consumption of our products, send the empty packages to the selective waste collection or the waste cooperatives of your city. To find a waste cooperative visit the following website.