Our History

Química Amparo is a 100% Brazilian company. On November 6, 1950, we started our business activities in Amparo, in upstate São Paulo. In this community, part of the “Water Circuit” of the State of São Paulo, we started to manufacture the traditional Ypê bar soap.

Under the leadership of founder Waldyr Beira, our company grew, won over the national market and also began to export abroad. Pushed by the everlasting pursuit of quality and keen to technological developments, we added value to the brand and won customer recognition, offering products developed in accordance to rigorous standards of quality and efficiency.

Currently, our products are present in numerous homes, of all social classes, from big urban centers to the littlest brazilian town.

Our operational and administrative facilities are located in Amparo, a city that hosted us from the very beginning and contributed, on a fundamental fashion, to our development. With the business’ expansion process, we have also built facilities in Salto/SP, Simões Filho/BA, Anápolis/GO and Goiânia/GO, cities in which we establish the same type of commitment.

We deal with competent collaborators and offer a portfolio with a diverse range of products, divided in three categories: house cleaning, clothing care and personal hygiene.