Ypê Forests

The Project

Since its inception, Ypê looks to act towards the environment and the society in a responsible manner, contributing to the construction of a better world.

In 2007, reaffirming its fundamental values, Ypê presented the slogan “Ypê: Taking care of our home”, reaffirming its commitment with the Planet Earth, our bigger home.

To celebrate this moment, it started the “Ypê Forests” project in a partnership with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, an NGO that defends the remnants of the Mata Atlântica forest. The project is a part of the “Forests Of the Future” program and has social underpinnings, because through it, job positions are directly created, besides the community involved in the activities being benefited with environmental education, stimulating attitudes that aim sustainable development and citizenship. In each year, since the project’s beginning, Ypê announces the planting of thousands of new seedlings of species native to the Mata Atlântica forest, and today we have reached the mark of half a million trees, with 50 thousand more to be planted until the end of 2015, totalling 550 thousand.

Planting is held in different properties in the regions of Campinas and Itu, in São Paulo, in PPAs (Permanent Preservation Areas), in the basin of Atibaia and Tietê rivers.

The “Ypê Forests” project is audited by expert consultants and you can check where each seedling was planted through accountability reports in the Official Reposts section.