Ypê Furniture Polish

Time doesn’t stop! We live in an era of constant evolution: every year we are faced with advancements that transform our daily lives, our way of caring for the Planet, for our family and even our homes.

Back in the day, wooden furniture predominated in homes and so a product specifically designed to clean and treat this surface was widely used. Have you noticed how different it is today? We have furniture of numerous materials and surfaces, used in numerous rooms and decorating styles.

Yes… homes have evolved and so has Ypê! Here is the Ypê Multisurface Shine Furniture Polish! The evolution of the furniture polish!

Ypê Brilho furniture polish was totally reformulated to better suit the profile of the modern home, to promote the cleanliness, protection and caring for numerous types of surfaces:

- Wood.
- Formica.
- Marble.
- Enamelled.

Its new formula guarantees an intense shine without fogging or greasing, it keeps surfaces protected from humidity and dust and is sold in three fragrances: Lavender, Jasmine and Campestral.

Shine and protection with a lasting Lavender scent;

Shine and protection with a mild, long-lasting scent that covers the whole house;

Shine and protection that last for longer, inspired in rural flowers.

Furthermore, it is the only in its category with an exclusive complex of fragrance capsules that adhere to the furniture’s surfaces and progressively liberate the scent, leaving the whole house fragrant for much longer.

New Ypê Multisurface Shine Furniture Polish, the real furniture polish in the Modern Home!

Ypê Furniture Polish

    • 200 ml
    • 200 ml
    • 200 ml